Monday, November 10, 2008

Maternity Photos/ 37 weeks

I decided I wanted some belly shots done before Maizie's big arrival.  A little something for me to remember the last nine months and something fun for Maizie to have when she gets bigger. Of course Tyler isn't looking in half the pictures and in most of them I have a double chin but what pregnant woman isn't a little critical of herself!  :)  Oh well, other than than I love them they are all great!  

Angela Davis did the pictures for us last Friday, she does such a wonderful job, you should really check out all of her work.  She is also going to do pictures of Maizie's first year, so stay tuned for all of those in the coming months.   

Here's the link to her blog......

Other Maizie news....... we found out on Friday that she is breech!  :)  Yes, thats right bottom first! The doctor's been wrong about her position the whole time, but now we have confirmation.  So I've been laying upside down trying to get her to move and Tyler's been shining a flashlight on my belly and talking to my belly trying to get her to flip.  Anyway, so far no success and I am pretty sure CASH thinks we've totally lost it.  We're both a little bummed about the situation but are hoping that she gets things straight here pretty soon, but if not we will just do a c-section.  We are going back on Friday to discuss what we're going to do so she may be here sooner than later!  We'll keep you posted.  

Have a great week!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

9 months/ 36 weeks

Only a few more weeks left folks!  Maizie is still head down, which is great news!  We are going to the doctor once a week now, we'll keep you posted!  :)  

Here's a belly picture for you all to enjoy!