Friday, March 26, 2010

Goal accomplished....

I've been working for a long time to get M to wear a headband and I think I've finally accomplished my goal.  She even requests that I put it in her hair sometimes  :)  Next, barrettes because little misses hair is growing pretty fast and its soon to be right in her eyes!  Here are a few pictures of our cutie!  

Monday, March 15, 2010

What a weekend.....

Miss Maizie's cousins were in from Nashville and let me tell you we went nonstop all weekend. First, we headed to an open gym at Mercury Gymnastics, its a pretty sweet place and the kids loved it. All of them were worn slick after an hour of fun! The most exciting thing came Sunday morning when we went to Chuck E. Cheese! It was our whole families first time neither Tyler or I had ever been there. M loved it of course and once again was worn slick after that adventure. We had a lot of cousin play time in between the gym and Chuck E. so needless to say our girl is wiped out! She slept until 9am Monday morning, took a 2hr 15 min nap and was asleep again by 9:00 pm. This never happens in our house, I think the cousins may need to visit more often! :) Here are a few pictures of the weekend.

I think these first three pictures are pretty funny!

Jesse having a good time!
M having a good time!
Deila's face says a little something like..... "This is so stupid why am I riding this horse"! It reminded me of a childhood vacation with my family. My sister had just graduated from high school and we went to Disney World, pretty much every picture of Stacey from that trip had a similar expression to Delia's! :) I'm not sure Stacey has ever forgiven me or my parents for that vacation. :)

M and J driving the school bus!
Chase even loved it!
My little cutie rolling around on the floor with her cousins!

Here's a picture of the Birthday Girl! We celebrated with D a little early since we won't be seeing her on her real bday in April! :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The next Giada.....

Maizie really loves to help in the kitchen, whether its emptying the dishwasher, throwing away trash, sweeping the floors or cooking, she's a big fan of helping me out! Everything takes a bit longer to get done but she loves it so much I can't not let her help me out! We recently invested in an awesome item called a "learning tower" that is like a stool/chair that M can climb up in so that she is at counter height and is surrounded on all four sides. Before this little invention we were using a dinning room chair and thats about as safe as letting her play out in the street! :) She loves eating her meals and cooking with me there. Its been such an awesome thing, we all love it.

Lately, she's helped snap asparagus, bake a cake and muffins (speaking of muffins, I'm going to post the recipe for that later), pick up potato peels and many other things! Like I said I can't say enough good things about it! She loves it and that makes me love it! :)

Who knows maybe all this time in the kitchen with her momma will make her into some world famous chef! I picked Giada because she's the prettiest of the Food Network stars :)

Here are a few pictures of M helping me bake a cake for her good cousin Delia!

Already a mess and we just got started!
Pouring it in! Look how precise she is being.

Adding just a bit more flour!
Funny girl wearing two headbands! I can never get her to wear a headband, bow anything in her hair. However, on this particular day she wore two in her hair for about 30 minutes longest wear time yet! :) This is her Aunt Jemima look! :)

Miss Maizie

Little Miss Maizie is becoming quite the big girl these days! She is signing for words like; more, all done, tired, eat and drink. Its been really helpful in a lot of different situations. For example, we've started going to story time at the library which has been a lot of fun. However, Maizie starts to get tired of the situation and politely gives me the sign for all done and then starts waving and saying "bye bye" to everyone. Its pretty cute and so nice that she is able to nicely tell me when she's ready to go. Its a lot better than a meltdown in the middle of the library! :)

While signing has been helpful, I don't think we are going to need them for too much longer M already has about 20+ words/names that she can say and repeat when asked to or shown a picture. Tyler and I both have an app on our iphones called baby flash cards that we use when we need our girl to sit still and quietly play for a bit (which isn't often) but she loves it and really tries so hard to repeat all of the words. Its so cool to watch her vocabulary develop. I swear she learns a new word everyday!

Other than that, we've just been enjoying the warmer temps and our random outings! I know I'm looking forward to spring because we are going to be able to have so much more fun outside playing and exploring.

Below are some funny pictures of our girl lately!

Playing chase with her Daddy before bath time.
Look at those teeth!

I caught her red handed with Cash's dog bowl! :)
After a mini photo shoot with Momma!
Funny faces! I can't remember what she did for sure, but it was rainy and cold out so probably something to do with that!
Having breakfast with her baby. Notice the oatmeal on her baby's head! Baby gets a bite and then M takes a bite! She's very sweet.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Our outdoor girl!

Miss Maizie LOVES, LOVES, LOVES being outside. We've gotten a few nice days here and we can't keep her inside at all! We've even been having our afternoon snacks outside, she just can't seem to get enough! Even when its dark and quite a bit cooler she insists on bundling up and hanging out on the deck with her Daddy and Cash! I have a feeling we may need to purchase some stock in a sunscreen company because I don't think we will be inside much at all this upcoming Spring/Summer and Fall! Someone else that's loving all this outside adventure time is our four legged friend Cash, who was quite stir crazy until this week. Anywho, we are all enjoying our time outside so much, I think there is rain the the forecast next week, so I'm not sure how that's going to go over with our girl! It could be a rough week! I'm up for most anything but I don't like being out in the cold rain, so I'm gonna have to put my foot down there! :)

Here are a few pictures of our girl enjoying the sun and warmer temps!

She always has to wear her hat, thankfully she's good about it! :)
The wind blowing her hat!
Laughing at Cash chasing his ball in the yard below!
Look at this pouty face, I think she wanted to go down the stairs which wasn't happening!
Hanging out with her Cash! He's such a good boy!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cousins :)

Maizie and her cousin Taylor got to have a little play date this past weekend. I took around 100 pictures and would say that I got like 3 that are OK. I'd love to get more of them together but if one was looking the other wasn't, you know the drill. Anywho, here are a few pictures of them together. The are about 9 weeks apart and are pretty much on the same playing level these days so I'd say they are going to have quite a lot of fun together as they get bigger.

Sorta looking :)
Playing with the ball popper!
This is a sweet picture of Taylor, it will definitely be making a frame whenever I get it printed!
Playing in M's big girl bed!
Playing with the Wiggles guitar!

One last time....

Tyler and Maizie got one last sledding session in before our hill of snow is gone. It's not all melted yet but seems to be more of mud sledding than snow at this point. I'm certain Maizie won't mind but I'm not up for that kind of clean up yet.

Here are a few more pictures of my cuties!

On a side note, I had my first night of photography class and it was really great, I already learned something so hopefully you will see my photography improve over the next few months! :)

Saying "bye bye" as she heads down the hill.
Cash enjoying some playtime!
If she doesn't look like her Daddy, I don't know who she looks like! :)