Monday, April 19, 2010

Taking walks.....

Maizie's new favorite thing to do is take B and Cash for long walks up and down our street. Its pretty stinking cute! I caught her taking B for a walk the other night and will get footage of her and Cash soon.

This B and stroller came from our very nice neighbors, who said they get a kick out of watching Maizie and I go up and down the street in her wagon so they thought she might like this stroller and baby set! Well, liking it is an understatement, she LOVES it!

Enjoy the video!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Picnics with Daddy!

Last week, Maizie and I went up to Weston to have a picnic in the park with Tyler! It was such a beautiful day and we had so much fun eating our lunch and playing on the jungle gym afterwards. Maizie of course loved it because a: she got to be outside, b. she got to see her Daddy in the middle of the day, and c. because she got to be outside :) This girl LOVES being outside, its all we do now, which I must say I am not complaining about!

Anywho, Maizie loved going down the slide at the park and showed us her daredevil side by going down head first, gotta love her!

Here are some pics of our girl and B!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


I'm going to be short a sweet here! We had a wonderful Easter weekend and celebrated with both sides of the family! Maizie was spoiled as usual and had lots of fun playing with her cousins! Here are a few pictures of our little lady throughout the day!

Family shot!
Cousin Jacob was so sweet to take Maizie and Taylor down the slide like 100 times!
All three kiddos in their Easter best!
Hunting eggs!
M asking Jacob if there's anything good in this one!
Letting out a little squeal of excitement!
Posing with the daffodils!

Fun at Mammy and Poppy's House

We spent a few afternoons and one night at my mom and dad's recently. We did an Easter Egg hunt in Weston, and then did cookies in the afternoon. Maizie had lots of fun getting to know my parents cats and I think has finally overcome her fear of them. When there wasn't a cat in sight she would hollar "kitty, kitty" really loudly! Let's just say that didn't bring them out of their hiding spots! I'm just glad she doesn't seem to mind them now! :)

Here are a few pictures of our girl having a good time! :)

At the Easter Egg Hunt, she really wanted all the candy! Being the un-fun mom that I am did not let her have any candy!
Hanging with Thumper the cat!

Mammy, Maizie and Thumper enjoying the beautiful weather.
Enjoying a cookie! By the look of that face/hand gesture, the girl's got some sass!


Two little bunnies....

Chase and Maizie were cooperative enough to let Aunt Niki do a little photo shoot a few days before Easter. We just couldn't resist these cute little bunny ears on our babes! :) Here are a few of my faves!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

One tough cookie....

Maizie had her first big spill today.  She stumbled off the step on our front porch and did a nose dive into the concrete.  Poor girl!  She ended up with a goose egg on her head and a scratched up face/nose!  She took it really well though, only cried for about a minute, I was pretty proud of her!  :)  Just a few minutes after she was pushing "B" around in here stroller and back to her old self!  Aunt Niki and I had just taken pictures of her and Chase in their bunny ears (pics posted ASAP) good thing we got them done before the spill!  

Here are a few pics of our banged up girl :(  

Shortly after her accident, eating some lunch!
After a little bed time snack of  yogurt!  It looks like she's doing pretty good!  

Yogurt face.  
Kisses from her Daddy!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!