Thursday, April 1, 2010

One tough cookie....

Maizie had her first big spill today.  She stumbled off the step on our front porch and did a nose dive into the concrete.  Poor girl!  She ended up with a goose egg on her head and a scratched up face/nose!  She took it really well though, only cried for about a minute, I was pretty proud of her!  :)  Just a few minutes after she was pushing "B" around in here stroller and back to her old self!  Aunt Niki and I had just taken pictures of her and Chase in their bunny ears (pics posted ASAP) good thing we got them done before the spill!  

Here are a few pics of our banged up girl :(  

Shortly after her accident, eating some lunch!
After a little bed time snack of  yogurt!  It looks like she's doing pretty good!  

Yogurt face.  
Kisses from her Daddy!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!

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