Monday, March 15, 2010

What a weekend.....

Miss Maizie's cousins were in from Nashville and let me tell you we went nonstop all weekend. First, we headed to an open gym at Mercury Gymnastics, its a pretty sweet place and the kids loved it. All of them were worn slick after an hour of fun! The most exciting thing came Sunday morning when we went to Chuck E. Cheese! It was our whole families first time neither Tyler or I had ever been there. M loved it of course and once again was worn slick after that adventure. We had a lot of cousin play time in between the gym and Chuck E. so needless to say our girl is wiped out! She slept until 9am Monday morning, took a 2hr 15 min nap and was asleep again by 9:00 pm. This never happens in our house, I think the cousins may need to visit more often! :) Here are a few pictures of the weekend.

I think these first three pictures are pretty funny!

Jesse having a good time!
M having a good time!
Deila's face says a little something like..... "This is so stupid why am I riding this horse"! It reminded me of a childhood vacation with my family. My sister had just graduated from high school and we went to Disney World, pretty much every picture of Stacey from that trip had a similar expression to Delia's! :) I'm not sure Stacey has ever forgiven me or my parents for that vacation. :)

M and J driving the school bus!
Chase even loved it!
My little cutie rolling around on the floor with her cousins!

Here's a picture of the Birthday Girl! We celebrated with D a little early since we won't be seeing her on her real bday in April! :)

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