Sunday, March 14, 2010

The next Giada.....

Maizie really loves to help in the kitchen, whether its emptying the dishwasher, throwing away trash, sweeping the floors or cooking, she's a big fan of helping me out! Everything takes a bit longer to get done but she loves it so much I can't not let her help me out! We recently invested in an awesome item called a "learning tower" that is like a stool/chair that M can climb up in so that she is at counter height and is surrounded on all four sides. Before this little invention we were using a dinning room chair and thats about as safe as letting her play out in the street! :) She loves eating her meals and cooking with me there. Its been such an awesome thing, we all love it.

Lately, she's helped snap asparagus, bake a cake and muffins (speaking of muffins, I'm going to post the recipe for that later), pick up potato peels and many other things! Like I said I can't say enough good things about it! She loves it and that makes me love it! :)

Who knows maybe all this time in the kitchen with her momma will make her into some world famous chef! I picked Giada because she's the prettiest of the Food Network stars :)

Here are a few pictures of M helping me bake a cake for her good cousin Delia!

Already a mess and we just got started!
Pouring it in! Look how precise she is being.

Adding just a bit more flour!
Funny girl wearing two headbands! I can never get her to wear a headband, bow anything in her hair. However, on this particular day she wore two in her hair for about 30 minutes longest wear time yet! :) This is her Aunt Jemima look! :)

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