Sunday, October 19, 2008

Growing belly, and CASH's new girlfriend!

This weekend 3 of my girlfriends from college came to visit to have a little pre-baby get together.  Special thanks to Lauren, Margy and Kristin for making the trip and for pampering me!  I really appreciate it and it was great to get to see you all.  This picture is of CASH and Lauren, who he pretty much fell in love with.  Actually, he loved all of them because he had 4 women to love on him.  He laid around the house all day Sunday, I am pretty sure he was depressed that they had left.   

My belly at 34 weeks!  Its really done some growing if you compare it to week 32!  :)  

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Caitlin said...

She is growing! So cute, hope you are doing well! Maybe we'll see you at Mardi Bras??