Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bath Time Fun!!!!

This past Thursday Maizie finally got permission from the Docs to move to a removable hip brace.  So for the past 8 weeks we have not gotten to give our girl a full fledged bath, just little sponge baths.  This brace still sucks but at least we can take it off for 4 hours a day, I know wow only 4 hours, stinks I know, but hopefully here pretty soon she will only have to wear it over night.  

So since we are able to remove the brace guess who got her first bath.... Miss Maizie!  

Here are a few pics of our fun!

Of course CASH had to join in on the family activity, he stood in the tub and watched! 

During the bath.....

After the bath, all happy and relaxed!  Shortly after this she was sound asleep, it would have been nice to have been able to do baths along time ago, oh well its our new secret bedtime weapon!  


Caitlin said...

Haha! It's been so long since I checked your post, she's so stinkin cute! I'm happy her brace can be taken off, for at least a bit!

Kristi said...

So cute!!