Monday, May 25, 2009

Big Weekend!

Maizie had a big weekend filled with many firsts!  
First, we played outside in the grass on our new clean sheet, if you've not heard of this they are fabulous, just a nice little ground cover that repels water so you don't get damp when your sitting on the ground and large enough for Maizie for wonder freely!  
Next, we went skinny dipping in our new baby pool!  She had a big time!  I have a lengthy video that I'll try to post later!  

Lastly, we tried to eat some rice which Momma messed up so it was too chunky!  (I really am a good cook!)  Needless to say, we didn't like it much.... we are going to try it again in a few days!  

Finally, we fell asleep!  I took this picture the other day because I realized I had very few pictures of her sleeping, and that's because it rarely happens!  :)  

Hope all of you had a nice Memorial Day weekend!  

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