Friday, July 17, 2009

Hip Update

We took Maizie to her orthopedic doctor on Thursday for another X-ray and everything looks great! Before now, we've not been able to see the ball of her hip but its forming nicely and so is the hip socket, we are so thrilled! We go back again in 6 months for another X-ray and if things look good there, which they should then we won't go back for another year. We are so happy that everything is taking shape as it should and that her being breech for so long doesn't seem to be impacting her hips!

Maizie has crawling totally figured out now, she is on the move constantly (surprise, I know) and discovering new things. This weeks new things were the stairs and Cash's food/water bowls, which I quickly moved the the bathroom so that I can keep the door shut on them! As for the stairs, hopefully it will be some time before she is crawling up them :) For those of you that may not get to see Maizie in person let me just fill you in a bit and for those of you that have been around her you know exactly what I am talking about..... she is the most active child ever (ok I am sure there are more active) but seriously she never stops moving! Even while eating and at night when we are laying down for bed she typically pulls all sorts of crazy moves before she literally passes out! :) She definitely keeps us entertained and on the move, we love it and wouldn't have it any other way!

Here are a few pictures from the last week or so, enjoy!

She is already reading! :)
In her backpack for a walk!
Her BFF Cash, this is their favorite thing to do together.
Being silly!
Funny hat! (This hat is a loaner from her cousin Delia)

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Kristi said...

She is just too cute, Sara!!