Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Goofy girl...

Here are some funny pics of our funny little girl lately. She has started really moving and a shaking which has been a lot of fun for Tyler and I to watch her change from day to day! She literally does something new everyday, its pretty cool!

Maizie also had her cousins in town a few weekends ago, which was lots of fun. Maizie was a good hostess and got out her new jump house for everyone to play on! We have it set up in the basement so we are pretty pumped that we will be able to use it year round.

Maizie crawling into the bounce house!

D and J taking a moment to strike a pose!
Preparing ourselves for Halloween! Maizie is going to be a pumpkin this year! I'll be sure to post pics!
Having a drink, which mostly ends up all over her clothes.
Playing with our bar stools! She likes hiking her leg up to get in-between the chair legs, she looks like she's in a pin. This reminded Tyler and I of the parallel bars, maybe we have a future olympian on our hands! :)
Practicing her moves!


Steven and Katie Scherer said...

She is too cute!!

Kristi said...

such cute photos!! love the new header too!