Thursday, February 4, 2010

Florida 2010!

Last week we took a little family vacation with the French's to Florida! We got some much needed sun and warm temperatures, it was such a nice way to break up this cold winter we've been having! I'd love to say we all got some rest but Miss Maizie went nonstop the entire time as she loved being able to be outside. A few of her favorite things were the pool, the beach, the birds, flying kites and our daily walks.
I got a new camera for Christmas, so I took around 900 pictures on this trip, it was a huge joke by the end of the trip as everyone was getting a little tired of our daily sunset photo ops :) I just couldn't help myself!

Here are a few of my faves of Miss Maizie! I just realized how many pictures I wanted to share as I was uploading so there may be several posts from this trip! :)
M's first site of the ocean! As you can see she immediately wanted to get in the water, she's not afraid of a thing except for cats and small dogs! :) However, we are slowly overcoming both of those fears! I think this picture sums up most of Tyler's days at the beach, trying to keep M out of the water!
Maizie being attacked by water monsters! AKA, her Unlce Adam!
Family sunset photo!
Just a good picture of the girl in the "Surf Shack."
On the beach with her baby doll!


Erika Jackson said...

Gosh! She is so beautiful!! Love that last shot of her!

Steven and Katie Scherer said...

Great pictures! I was just going to say that the last picture is awesome but I see Erika already beat me to it!