Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hot Chocolate anyone???

Once we started going sledding on what seems to be a daily basis with all this snow we've been getting, I decided it was time for Maizie to be introduced to the most wonderful post sledding beverage, hot chocolate.  I am sort of no fun when it comes to things like this because I know once I introduce it, we will always have to have it.  So what happens when Mom forgets to buy more hot chocolate at the store and we have just come in from the best sledding adventure ever ???  Mom learns to make homemade hot chocolate :) Check out the recipe here, its really quite good, but not good for you! 

Anywho, like any little kid M loves to have a million mini marshmallows with her hot chocolate, while momma likes to add some irish cream (McCormicks's, of course), don't judge.  Its cold out and someone has to get through the next few hours before daddy gets home.  But seriously, if you like Irish Cream, skip Bailey's and get McCormick's its awesome!

Ok, so back to my cutie... here are some cute pictures of her making her hot chocolate and trying to decide what she wants to cook for dinner :)


"More momma."

"You want one?"

Dropping them in. 

Quite pleased with herself. 

Stir it up. 

Just cute :)

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