Monday, February 14, 2011


We were so lucky to get out of town for a few days at the end of January to enjoy some sun and fun in Key Largo.  We did a little sight seeing, but most of our time was spent at our little resort at the beach, playing at the playground, or finding some great restaurant to feed us mass quantities of fish :)  We ate way too much on this vacation but oh was it so good.  M was such a good girl the entire time and really proved to us that she is a pretty good little traveler if she has her Mammy P in the back seat with her to keep her occupied 100% of the time :)  My mom was great and went with us to help out with Miss Maizie so that Tyler and I could both do just a smidgen of relaxing. :)

Anywho, one day we went to this really neat marine animal park, Theatre of the Sea, just down the road from us.  It was so cool an Maizie loved all the shows especially the dolphins.  Tyler even got her a stuffed dolphin while we were there, which she quickly named Twister, after one of the dolphins in the park.

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